Gilbert The Spider tells a story about humans and insects that lose sight of their purpose. It follows the unusual friendship of a spider that has a fly as a best friend, and the humans who have lost their way to the path that God has prepared for them.

Gilbert the spider along with Judas Robinson's world becomes paralleled in this tale about redemption and faith. It will not be easy, but somehow Gadson the fly and Gabriel the angel must convince them that their lives are more important than the poison that they are putting into their bodies.

The whole balance of nature is dependent on how God intended each creature to be—on spiders being spiders and flies being flies. The people are caught in a web of confusion, entangled in selfishness and selfcenteredness.
It takes a fly to befriend a spider and an angel to intervene in the lives of the humans to set things in order.

Each copy signed by the author!


Choir Boy takes you inside the life of the family in the Bible story the prodigal son. Sonny represents every young person brought up in the church but has other aspirations than being a part of the seemingly perfect life that is provided by his father. After the sudden death of his closest friend, Sonny decides to leave a safe and comfortable environment to pursue his dreams, discovering a world outside of his cloistered home life that is fast paced and full of temptation and deception.

Choir Boy is full of excitement and intrigue. This hip-hop gospel story is both eye-opening and inspiring. Get ready to be pulled into the life of one of the most memorable characters you will ever meet.

Each copy signed by the author!

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